Electrical Installations in Durham NC

Electrical Appliance Installations and Hookups in Durham, NC

Have you recently purchased new appliances or maybe you’d like to add appliances into a different room of the home?  Either way you may need the services of a qualified and licensed electrician to safely install the electrical circuit required to run your new appliance.  From running new wiring through your walls to tying into the existing breaker panel and installing the outlets.  This isn’t work that you’ll want to do on your own.

William D. Taylor is a full service electrical contractor based out of Durham, North Carolina.  We specialize in the installation and hookup of electrical appliances and equipment for residential and commercial customers.  We can install electrical circuits and outlets for appliances like dryers, washing machines, welding machines, shop equipment, machinery and more.

Electrical Appliance Wiring and Hookups

  • New Electrical Circuits
  • Breaker Panel Upgrades
  • Appliance Electrical Circuits
  • Shop Equipment Electrical Circuits
  • 220v Outlet Installations
  • 30 Amp Plug Installations
  • 50 Amp Plug Installations
  • Washer, Dryer Electrical Hookups

Commercial Electrical Appliance Wiring and Hookups

Do you have large high draw appliances or machinery in your commercial building?  A1 Electrical HVAC LLC and Electrical can not only design and build new electrical circuits and systems throughout your building but we can also assess your existing circuits for problems, maintain your electrical systems and complete repairs as necessary too.  We are a full service electrical contractor and we can help you wire-in or hookup any type of electrical appliances or machinery into your commercial building.

Residential Electrical Appliance Wiring and Hookups

We are often called out to our customers homes to complete the electrical work required to upgrade appliances or move appliances into newly remodeled rooms in the house. Are you remodeling or building a home addition?  Let A1 Electrical HVAC LLC and Electrical complete all of the electrical work for your project.  From installing new panels to installing all of your outlets, lighting and appliance circuits we’ll be able to come up with reliable and safe solutions for any homeowners budget.

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About A1 Electrical HVAC

A1 Electrical HVAC LLC is a team of full service HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical and Refrigeration technicians based out of Durham, NC. We specialize in troubleshooting, repairs, replacements and new installations of all types of HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical equipment.

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